John Corbett (President 1994-1998)

One of the most unique aspects of my tenure was the increase in the number "Workshops," previously referred to as SIGs, or Special Interest Groups. When I took over the helm from Stu Haber on January 1, 1994, there were six SIGs, when I left the presidency 5 years later, there were 12 SIGs. Today there are 17 "Workshops." The only SIG that never received official recognition, but was the most popular BCUG SIG ever established turned out to be "The Liquid SIG." This SIG met immediately after the Accounting SIG, and consisted of popping into a local watering hole for some snacks and a few beers while we solved the problems of the world!

Closer ties were established between BCUG and the administration of Brookdale College. A letter sent to Brookdale College to offer our assistance in establishing Brookdale College on the Internet, resulted in our being contacted by Clinton Crocker, the Finance Chair on the Board of Trustees of Brookdale College, no less! With Clint greasing the skids, things really began to change for BCUG. We now had a Brookdale College board member in our club and doors began to open for BCUG at the College. We were given phone numbers and personnel to contact for setting up room scheduling. We met several times with the school’s administration and department heads. We were also given access to the High Tech High School for our meetings. Today our relationship with the college is solid.

The total assets of the club on 1/1/96 were $6,600, and when I left the presidency on 12/31/98, club assets were $13,600 --- an increase of 106% for that period.

I had a wonderful group of officers and directors during my tenure. Each of them did their job, and did it well. I was lucky that these individuals hung in there for my entire five years.