Sandy Rand (President 1999-2001

I joined BCUG in 1992. I had just bought my first computer in November of 1991. My first jobs in the club were Advertising Manager and Hardware Coordinator. Then I was asked to take care of writing to vendors for software for review or for our auction. This was a fun job as it included being the auctioneer. This job turned into what we now call the VP, Vendor Relations. The idea was that vendors would be more responsive if the request came from an officer. I built a database listing as many vendors as I could find, learned how to do mail merge and started sending 50 letters a month asking for software donations. We started receiving so much that the UPS driver was at my house at least 3 times a week. The monthly auction used to take in an average of $300 a month. In later years, this started to dry up as the Internet became so popular that vendors could just post a trial version on their web site.   I became president of BCUG in 1999 and served for 3 years. There were many accomplishments during that time, but John Corbett, Ruth Lewart, Fred Burg, Andrea Tarr, Fred Kagel and many others were really the people who made it happen.