Our Goal - Helping People, Not Machines

Our Goal - Helping People, Not Machines

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Strategies and Techniques for Computer Trainers

The Ten Commandments of Training

  1.     Thou art thy student’s guide, his or her facilitator
  2.     Thou shall know thy student’s needs and teach accordingly.
  3.      Let thee count thy ways
  4.      Thy fingers shall never leave thy hands
  5.     Thy students shall demonstrate what they know not by silence or a nod
  1.     Thou shall have no other representation before thee.
    • You are NOT teaching Microsoft anything, just as you do not teach Barnes and Nobles English or Dolciani math
    • Concepts are concepts, and they are not copyrightable.
  2. .    Shalt thou use materials, schmaterials?
  3. I.    Shalt thou use Help or not use Help?
  1.     Thou shall note it!

      X.     Thou shall teach how to collaborate... but that is whole other set of commandments.

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